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Client Testimonials

DPOA Client

I was worried if I became disabled that somebody could not help with my financial decisions. Mr. Lerner explained that the Durable Power of Attorney was meant for persons who don’t have the capacity to make the financial decisions, but are still alive. I was able to get somebody I trust to be the agent to help make my financial decisions while I cannot.

Estate Client

My wife and I wanted to protect our children so that they for sure would get the property when both of us die. Mr. Lerner was able to let us know about the Bypass Trust and also gave us some information on an irrevocable trust in case the surviving spouse wanted to sell the property to someone else. We feel very comfortable everything was done with our wishes.

Living Trust Client

Lead developer

My brother was basically on his deathbed. Brian Lerner was able to get the Trust prepared in less than day with the rush that was needed. He then transferred the property into the Living Trust. His office visited my brother personally and he went down and recorded the Deed of Trust only hours before my brother passed away. I would recommend him as an Estate Attorney.

Will Client

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I did not have that many items, but Mr. Lerner was able to put everything I wanted in my Last Will and Testament. His representatives came to my house and did everything necessary. I even wanted to make sure my sister would get nothing should I die. Mr. Lerner did everything he could with what I wanted.

Healthcare Directive Client

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I will now have peace of mind since my Advance Healthcare Directive was filed. Now I know that if I become incapacitated and can’t communicate that my agent will be able to help make the hard decisions. It took sometime for the office to prepare everything, but it was done in a manner that will protect me and allow my wishes to be followed.

About our Estate Planning Law Firm

B rian D. Lerner and his team will prepare the necessary Estate Plan to protect you and your family by helping to prepare Living Trusts, Last Will and Testaments, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives and other matters related to Estate Planning.

The complete Estate Planning package can be prepared for any kind of situation. Some examples would include married couples, single people, divorced spouses, mixed families, heterosexual and heterogeneous couples.

From the youcome to the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner, APC, your current situation will be analyzed. We will let you know the best possible solution for your current situation. For example, you might want to make sure the children get the house and for the surviving spouse to live in the property until death. We can prepare the Bypass Trust and all other kinds of sub-trusts for you.

Complete Estate Plans

Complete Estate Plan for Married Couple Complete Estate Plan for Single or Divorced Person

  • Initial Consultation


    Estate Planning Consultation at Our Office

    No current existing Estate Plan

    No other Trusts or Wills have been done

    No need to Amend any prior Plans

    Initial Consultation will cover what is best to be done and what the costs will be for preparation of these plans

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  • Complete Estate Plan for Married Couple

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    Living Trust for both spouses

    Pour-over Will for both spouses

    Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Management for both spouses

    Advance Health care directive

    Assignment of personal property into Living Trust

    Certification of Trust

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  • Complete Estate Plan for Single/Divorced Person

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    Living Trust for you

    Pour-over Will for you

    Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Management for you

    Advance Health care directive for you

    Assignment of personal property into Living Trust

    Certification of Trust

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Why Hire our Firm?

  • Integrity & Honesty

    • Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney is a big decision. You will want somebody who has integrity and honesty and is a good lawyer. Brian D. Lerner will be able to show you how he can help.
    • Through years of experience and dedication, you and your family will benefit from having an experienced attorney helping you with your Estate Plan
    • You will see from referrals, reviews and comments your trust in Brian D. Lerner will be well placed to help you with your Estate Planning by preparing the Living Trusts, Wills, Amendments, Codicils, Durable Powers of Attorney and Advance Healthcare Directives.

  • Home Visits
    Trust and Will Legal Assistant

    • We understand that many people are elderly and/or infirm and cannot physically come to the office
    • Our staff will personally go to your home to do the intake questionnaire and to have you review and sign documents including the Living Trust, Pour-over Will, Deeds of Trust transferring the property into the Trust, etc. You will be taken care of by our Law Firm
    • We will bring the Deed of Trust along with the travelling Notary to get all property Deeds of Trust done and then recorded at the Recorder’s Office.

  • Free Consultation
    Los Angeles Estate Planning and Immigration Attorney

    • Each case is different and each case must be properly analyzed in order to know what to do and what is the best option
    • Because our office must determine the bast option for you, we will offer an initial free consultation so that we can determine how best to help you
    • We will discuss the best option for you regarding your Estate Planning options and which is the best path.
    • If you sign up with our firm, we offer terms of being able to make a down payment and then monthly payments on the balance.

  • Experience
    Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive Legal Assistant.

    • Experience is important in choosing which attorney to prepare your Estate Plan
    • Brian D. Lerner has over 20 years of being a license attorney by the State Bar of California. Experience through preparation of petitions, filings, court, litigation and consults.
    • Through years of analyzing different cases and numerous different situations, we will know the best solution such as preparing a Bypass Trust or a Survivors Trust. We can give you the best advice on whether a particular action might help your tax situation and how to best protect your children with any property transfers.